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Dream Incubation Prayers

Hamapil: A Nighttime Prayer

Baruch ata adonai eloheinu melekh ha’olam hamapil sheina al einai utnumah al afapai. Viyhi ratzon milfanecha adonai elohai ve’lohei avotai ve’imotai she tashkiveini leshalom vetaamideini leshalom. Ve’al yivahaluni raayonai, vechalomot raim vehirhurim raim, utehei mitati shleimah lifanecha, vehaeir einai pen ishan hamavet ki ata meir leishon bat ayin. Baruch ata adonai, hameir la’olam kulo bichvodo.

Blessed are you, Infinite our God, Guide of the World, who causes sleep to fall upon my eyes, and slumber on my eyelids. God of my ancestors, help me to lie down in peace and rise up in peace. When I sleep, may my mind not be confused, and may I not have bad dreams, or obsessive scary thoughts. May my sleep be whole before you, and enlighten my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death, for you are the one who gives light to the eyes. Blessed are you, God, who illumines the world in glory.

She’elat Chalom: Prayer for Dream Incubation

In the name of God, the Lord of Israel and the Lord of the world, El of the Spirits, who rules in the sky and the earth. In seeking a request and finding a solution, I (your name), son of (mother’s name), come with a supplication and with a humble heart, with a low spirit, to ask mercy before your glorious throne, that this time shall be a time of acceptance, a time of mercy, and a time of listening before you… Open for me the gates and entrances up above, doors of truth and doors of prophecy, during this night… Answer with a precise response or a well-known verse, or in some obvious manner, so that I will know and understand everything that you tell me and never forget it, because you have revealed secrets and told me of hidden things through your great powers and your angels, your lofty servants. Blessed be the name of your glorious kingdom forever.

Dream incubation prayer, mystical Jewish encyclopedia, 1698, in Joel Covitz, Visions in the Night


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